Marwari Safa

Marwari Safa

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Jodhpur, lies in the midst of Rajasthan, it is the land of desert, the north western state of India which is popular and known for its colorful culture, music and traditions. ‘Safa’ (Turbans) or ‘Pagari’ have always been the most integral part of its culture. Turbans are nothing but a long colorful cloths which is tied on head in different styles, with a tail on behind and a fan-like crest on top. These are found in different colors and designs mostly on cotton fabric. A turban is 10 metres long and 1 metre wide.

Jodhpuri Turbans are always taken as an honor of person and a sense of respect is attached with turbans in the culture of Rajasthan. A man wearing Safa with its traditional sherwani looks more handsome and a perfect gentleman. Jodhpuri Safa are the most famous and are renowned all over world for their styles and designs. On wedding occasion Jodhpuri Safa is the most essential part of groom wedding dress, decorated with ‘kalgi’ (turban jewellery). All men in the wedding also wear Safa and brides’ family also gifts Safa to the groom family as a token of respect towards them.

Since there are so many types of designs comes in these turbans, the most common ones are

Chundri Safa – These is the most famous one amongst all the design patterns. This is red colored turban manufactured with the famous tie and dye technique of Jodhpur, that forms tiny white boxes on the red turban.

Kesariya Safa – The saffron color safa, looks so pure and gives an elegant look to the person who wears it. Mostly people wear it on marriage occasions.

Panchranga Safa - The most colorful safa with five different colors – red, yellow, green, blue and orange. This is also made with the tie and dye technique.

Lahariya Safa – ‘Lahar’ means wave. This safa comes with strips of different styles and colors that looks like a wave in the turban.

Rajputi Safa – This is the Rajput style safa, round in shape and a little bit smaller in size as compared to the other styles.

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