Indian Wedding Safa

Indian Wedding Safa

Monday, May 28th, 2012

The Rajputi  Safa is what most Hindu grooms opt to wear on their special day but the males on both sides wear safas as well. This traditional headpiece is a turban that either extends to the back or has no sash at all. It comes in a huge variety of designs and colors that express participants’ culture and religion. This garment is worn on special occasions, especially weddings.

India as a country is world famous for its traditional touch and feel that Indian gives every festival and event. Be it a wedding or a social gathering the Indians always follow a pattern of traditional approach to the whole event that’s how the safa came into origination. It a traditional wear that glamorize the attire.

Wedding Safa and Turban are made in various style and from various cloth like the cotton Kota, Zaris , Saturn chiffon , Gata chola , Tissue and various other things to compliment it, like the gems and jewellery. We also provide it on rent and provide our personnel to help your wear turbans at your place in marriage, birthday parties, anniversaries, religious festival and any other functions and parties. We have designer to make according to your choice.

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