Royal Traditional Wedding Truban for Groom

Royal Traditional Wedding Truban for Groom

Monday, May 28th, 2012

The traditional dressing of the groom comprises of a Groom Wedding Turban. For every part of the country one can find different types of turbans. The turban definitely adds the royal touch in the groom’s outfit.

Types of Groom Wedding Turban The Groom Wedding Turbans are the important part of the Indian groom’s attire. These are made up of a variety of materials like Zari, Ghat Chola and Chuneri. For a Punjabi groom, the turbans or safas are made up of silk cloth.

The “Bandhani” style is famous in a Punjabi turban. It is beautified with the embroidery of beads and Dubka. The Sherwani or the suit can look elegant with the designer cap thus adding to the charm of Groom Wedding Turban. The turban is dotted with “Kalgi”, a gem studded brooch in front of the cap. This kind .

A specially made turban with golden or silver “Zari” or the threads with a long tail is called as Pagri. The Pagri also has a small horn like shape that surely gives it a royal look. A typical wedding in Jaipur always reflects the royal heritage of Jaipur. The turban worn by the grooms are made up of the Bandhani or the Jaipur type print on the cloth. The front portion of the turban is decorated with the beads, gems and Zari work.

A Rajasthani wedding turban is also made of the Bandhani cloth. But the structure and the shape is slightly different than the Jaipuri turban. The Rajasthani turban also reflects the royal look when the groom wears it. Various folds in the turban are decorated with gems, beads and Zari. These are the most traditional looking Indian Groom Wedding Turbans.

The Groom Wedding Turbans, belonging to any place in India are made to perfection. These are specially made and selected for the groom for his D-day. The turban is also selected according to his looks and dressing. The turbans are decorated on front with flowers or strings of pearls.

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